Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Letter From The NOMCVB

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(Month, date, 2010)

Dear (customer/client),

We at (name of your business) want to welcome you to our city. In the wake of the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, our hearts go out to our fellow Louisiana citizens on the Gulf Coast who are suffering from this catastrophic event. However, we also want to reassure you that all of the things that you've come to enjoy in New Orleans remain unchanged and in some ways, are better than ever.

You should know that New Orleans is located 100 miles inland, and in turn, have avoided any physical or environmental damage. Tourism in New Orleans has undergone a resurgence this year as huge numbers of visitors and convention-goers have flocked to one of the world's most exciting culinary and nightlife destinations. We continue to meet and exceed the expectations of hundreds of thousands of business and leisure travelers and festival-goers. New Orleans tourism officials are constantly monitoring the environmental impact on our wetlands and beautiful marshes two hours to our south bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

 Our world famous seafood industry has and always will go through rigorous testing from various strict agencies before our product reaches market, and our renowned chefs ensure that only the highest quality fresh products are prepared and served. In fact, our restaurants and food suppliers work with purveyors locally and nationally to ensure food quality and safety from sea to table. This has long been a New Orleans commitment. To learn more about seafood, please visit www.louisianaseafood.com.

Additionally, the BP oil spill has had no impact on the air or water quality in New Orleans both of which are completely safe and unaffected. Air and water quality samples are taken regularly and tested as they are in every major American City as a matter of course.

We are most appreciative of our fellow citizens around the world who are closely watching events unfold and looking to find any way to lend support. For the latest information, please visit www.neworleanscvb.com.

Thank you for choosing New Orleans and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you.

Red beans and ricely yours,




Monday, June 7, 2010

Spotlight on: The New Orleans Women's Opera Guild Home

Underneath the towering trees of the lower garden district, just a block off of Saint Charles Avenue lies one New Orleans' best kept secrets, The New Orleans Women's Opera Guild Home. 

Built in 1865, the home served as the Davis/Seebold Residence until 1966 when it became the home of the Women's Guild. In 2005, the home suffered some damage during the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina but has since been restored to it's former glory. Furnished lavishly in 18th and 19th Century European and American furniture, artwork, antiques and object d'art, the home is a great location for weddings, receptions, bridal showers, luncheons, dinners, coffees, or any social or corporate gathering.  
 The side yard is a perfect place for wedding ceremonies or picnics!

Upon entrance the grand foyer makes an elegant statement.

The living room is beautifully furnished and features a grand piano.

The sitting room features an expanse of windows and a crystal chandelier.

Through the sitting room, the formal dining room features stained glass windows and fireplace.

The solarium to the back of the living room has exquisite marble flooring! 

Upstairs, the gentleman's rooms features leather couches and is the perfect place to hide grooms and groomsmen before a wedding ceremony.

Likewise, the bride's room is right across the hall and has a vanity and full length mirror!

The Opera Guild Home is one of New Orleans best kept secrets and is an amazing value! 
We just coordinated and catered a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception here a couple of weeks ago. 
It is definitely worth checking out!

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