Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beverage 101

 More and more people now a days are stocking their own bars for their parties. Unless you're throwing a major bash the only spirits you need to stock are vodka, rum, whiskey, wine and beer. A standard bar setup includes vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon and brandy but if you're pinching for pennies, (and who isn't these days), our experience actually shows guests prefer fewer options. For mixers, cranberry juice,club soda, tonic water, coca-cola, and plenty of lemons. Fill a couple pitchers with a pre-made concoction like a rum punch or a seasonal signature cocktail. Don't forget tools like a corkscrew, shaker & strainer set, and a muddler. Other guides suggest you provide a shot glass for measuring but here in the "freepour capital of the world" we know that would just end up on the floor somewhere.

How much to buy:
The general rule of thumb is plan on two drinks per person for the first two hours, and one drink per person for each extra hour. Assume 40% drink beer, 30% sip liquor, and the other 30% drink wine. 

25 People
Beer: 60 bottles
Wine and champagne: 9 bottles
Hard liquor: 3 bottles
Mixers: 12 liters

50 People
Beer: 120 bottles
Wine and champagne: 18 bottles
Hard liquor: 6 bottles
Mixers: 24 liters

100 People
Beer: 240 bottles
Wine and champagne: 36 bottles
Hard liquor: 11 bottles
Mixers: 48 liters 

 You can trade in champagne for sparkling wine or try serving artisanal beers. They provide more bang for your buck with extra flavor and go great with party foods. If you can't afford the Grey Goose, try pouring your Stolichnaya in a funky bottle to disguise it. Everything tastes better when it's beautiful.  
Always make sure you take your guests and party type into consideration. You know your friends and family the best so it's probably a good idea to stock up on the beer for a Superbowl party, wine for an elegant dinner party, and liquor for your 80's dance party. Also if you are expecting lots of couples, make sure your pre-mixed drink will look cool in both sex's hands. Read: no pink panty martini's, please.

  Not everyone drinks! It's a great idea to have a few non-alcoholic options like mocktails, or fruit juices and sparkling waters. Don't forget a pitcher or two of water. Coffee couldn't be a bad idea at the end of the night, unless you want to play overnight host too. Cab company phone number's are always good to have.

Ice: 1 lb. per person.  

With these tips and a little creativity and forethought, you can have your best party ever! 
With our stellar food and service, of course!

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